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Timeframes and fees

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Learn how long it takes to register as a patent attorney and how much it costs.

Steps to apply for registration

  1. Submit your academic qualifications for approval
  2. Submit your knowledge requirements for approval
  3. Complete the registration form, and provide character declarations and statement of skill(s)
  4. Pay the registration fee

How to apply

The length of the registration process depends on when your academic qualifications and exemptions (if applicable) can be approved by the Board.

Once approved, the process takes around 4 weeks to complete.

Application fees

You'll need to pay a registration fee when you submit your application. If you intend to also register as a trade marks attorney in the same application, you'll need to pay the cost of dual registration.

Application Cost
Patent attorney registration
Dual trade marks and patent attorney registration


Expected review times

Stage Average review time
Approval of academic qualifications and exemptions Up to 3 months
Approval of application 15 business days


The Board needs to approve your academic qualifications and exemptions before your application can progress.

As Board meetings take place three times a year, you'll need to submit your application at least six weeks prior to the next meeting. If you miss the submission deadline, your application will be considered at the next meeting.

Approval of exemptions

If you want to seek an exemption for a topic groups as you have completed a non-accredited course of study, you'll need to get this approved prior to applying for approval of your knowledge requirements.

It takes up to 15 business days to approve an exemption, unless Board approval is required.

As Board meetings for approvals only take place three times a year, you'll need to submit your application at least six weeks prior to the next meeting.

Cut-off dates for Board meetings


If your application is successful your details will be added to the Register of Patent Attorneys.

Your registration is valid until 31 July, regardless of your initial registration date. Once registered, it's your responsibility to manage and maintain your registration, including annual renewal costs.

Manage your registration