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Register as an attorney

Understand how to become a registered trade marks, patent and incorporated attorney.

Benefits of being registered

Enter a profession of trusted IP experts with high ethical standards.  

  • Have the right to practice as an attorney

    Registration is an important step to effectively operate as an IP attorney in Australia and New Zealand. You need to be registered to carry out certain services covered under the Trade Marks Act and Patents Act.

  • Signal you're a trusted, qualified IP expert

    Successful registration allows you to use the title 'trade marks attorney' or 'patent attorney', conferred under the Trade Marks Act 1995 and Patents Act 1990.

    These titles prove to clients that you're a trusted IP expert who can provide quality IP services.

  • Operate with full client privilege and lien 

    As a registered trade marks and patent attorney, the communications and documents you produce for clients will be privileged, the same as a lawyer's legal advice to a client.

    You will also have the same right of lien over documents and property of clients.

  • Join a network of trusted professionals 

    Trade marks and patent attorneys are recognised professions in Australia and New Zealand — a profession highly supported by our Board, which maintains the standards for entry and professional conduct.

    As a registered attorney, you'll also have the opportunity to join a range of organisations and bodies to expand your network and professional development. These include the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA) and the New Zealand Intellectual Property Attorneys Incorporated (NZIPA).

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Manage my registration

Maintain your registration by meeting professional development obligations and paying your renewal fees.

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Practice notes

Find useful information and notes to help registered attorneys understand their rights and obligations.

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Find an IP attorney or firm

Find a registered IP attorney or firm.