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Benefits of registration

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Learn how you can broaden your business opportunities through incorporation.

At a glance

  • Extend your professional options
  • Expand business opportunities
  • Use the title of 'incorporated attorney'

Why become an incorporated attorney?

Registering as an incorporated attorney firm provides you with broader business models and opportunities, similar to legal and accounting firms.

Incorporating can have taxation and legal advantages over operating as an individual or partnership.

The decision to become an incorporated attorney is complex. We recommend that you seek appropriate legal and business advice before making a decision to incorporate.

Where to start

To become an incorporated patent attorney your company must be registered with either the
Australian Securities & Investments Commission
(ASIC) or the Companies Office in New Zealand.

To become an incorporated trade marks attorney your company must be registered with ASIC.

Right to practice

Incorporated patent attorneys

Incorporated patent attorneys and legal practitioners are the only companies that can do patents work.

An incorporated trans-Tasman patent attorney can practice as a patent attorney in both Australia and New Zealand. You must have a registered patent attorney as a company director in order to operate.

Incorporated trade marks attorneys

Incorporated trade marks attorneys can do trade marks work in Australia.

You must have a registered trade marks attorney as a company director to operate as an incorporated trade marks attorney.

Right to title

Only companies that are registered incorporated patent or trade marks attorneys can call themselves or hold themselves out as a patent attorney or trade marks attorney.