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How to renew your registration

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Once your registration is granted, you will need to renew it annually in order to keep it active. Here is how to renew your trade marks, patent or incorporated attorney registration.

At a glance

  • Renew yearly to maintain registration
  • Requires evidence of CPE hours for trade marks and patent attorneys
  • You will be removed from the register if you don't renew prior to 31 July

How it works

To maintain your registration as an attorney, you need to pay an annual registration fee and provide proof that you have completed your continuing professional education (CPE) requirements.

Renewal of your registration is due 1 July each year, regardless of your initial registration date. Registration is not automatically renewed so it is your responsibility to maintain it.

Failure to renew your registration before 31 July will result in being removed from the register(s).

Trade marks and patent attorneys

A registration renewal reminder will be sent to your email address in late May.

If you haven't received your renewal email by 1 June, please contact us to update your details.

Before you renew

You will need to:

How to renew

You will need to use IP Australia's online services to:

  • Make your payment
  • Submit your CPE declaration

Log in to online services

Confirmation of renewal

Once you have submitted your renewal, you will receive a confirmation receipt of your payment through your online services account. We will send you an email before 31 July to confirm your registration has been renewed.

The renewal cost depends on the type of registration that you have.

Trade marks attorney

Action Annual fee
Renew trade marks registration $400
Restoration of trade marks registration $700


Patent attorney

Action Annual fee
Renew patent attorney registration $400
Restoration of patent attorney registration $700


Dual trade marks and patent attorney

Action Annual fee
Renew of dual trade marks and patent attorney registration $600
Restoration of dual trade marks and patent attorney registration $1200

If you don't renew your registration by 31 July, you will be removed from the register(s) for non-payment.

However, until 1 September, you can apply to have your registration restored.

To restore your registration you need to submit:

  • An application for restoration after non-payment
  • The restoration payment.

You can apply to have your name voluntarily removed from the register for up to three years. During this time you can't work as an attorney.

You can request removal at any time by emailing us the voluntary removal form.

You can restore your registration at any time by:

  • Completing the restoration form
  • Paying the fee.

If you don't restore your registration within three years, the registration will lapse and additional conditions will apply if you want to restore it.

Restoring your registration can be costly, difficult and time-consuming. You'll need to prove that your knowledge of how to practise as an attorney is current.

You'll need to contact us to discuss restoration options if:

  • Your name was removed for non-payment and you haven't sought restoration before 1 September of the same year
  • You voluntarily removed your name from the register(s) and haven't sought restoration within three years
  • Your registration was removed for any other reason

Your application for restoration must include:

  • A completed restoration form
  • Evidence of the currency of your relevant knowledge.

A restoration fee will be required after your application has been assessed.

Incorporated attorneys

Incorporated patent and trade marks attorneys need to pay a renewal fee on 1 July of every year to maintain registration.

A notice with instructions for making payment will be sent to the listed director(s) by 1 June. As notices will be sent to the listed attorney director(s), it is important that incorporated attorneys ensure contact details for the director(s) are kept up to date.

Contact us to update your details

Incorporated attorneys must also maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance (PII) to remain registered. An incorporated attorney’s certificate of insurance will be kept on record, a reminder will be sent to provide updated details when the insurance expires.

Voluntary removal
If an incorporated attorney is wound up or otherwise no longer requires registration, the director(s) may request that their registration be removed.

Complete the following form to request removal:

Action Annual fee
Renew trade marks incorporated attorney registration $400
Renew patent incorporated attorney registration $400
Renew dual trade marks and patent incorporated attorney registration $600