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Test - Why attorneys rock

What is an attorney?

Here's where we explain what an attorney is.

  • What are attorneys?

    That's a great question and one that I won't be answering here. This is just a test page and I really don't know much about attorneys.

  • Where can I find an attorney?

    That's another great question. You could try Google or AI or just chat to your neighbours, friends or colleagues. They must be hiding somewhere.

  • Why do I need an attorney?

    Another great question! Attorneys have mortgages and cars and bills to pay — just like everyone else. Well to be fair, they have fancier homes and expensive cars so their bills are much higher, which is why they need you! So sign up today and help your local attorney pay off their mansion and Mercedes Benz!

This is where we write content about attorneys.

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Here's some more exciting content about why attorneys rock. Let's add some bullet points in:

  • Why do you think attorneys rock?
  • Are you an attorney?
  • Are you married to an attorney?

Here's another heading

I've personally never met an attorney. Well, not that I know of. I could have met one at a dinner party or seen them at the movies. But I've never engaged an attorney. But if you want to get some IP rights that are a bit tricky or confusing, then maybe an attorney could help you navigate through all the jargon. It's worth a try!

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A1: Legal Process and
A2: Overview of IP
This is what it costs If you don't like it, you don't have to pay
$500 This one is better The more it costs, the better it is
Free This is the cheapest!  The best things in life are free!


Topic Group(s) Currently offered courses Accredited dates
A1: Legal Process and
A2: Overview of IP
Australian Legal Process and Legal Institutions [ALPLI]* or Fundamental of Common Law [LAWS70217]


Overview of Intellectual Property (OIP) or Fundamentals of Intellectual Property [LAWS90125]
7 Apr 2020 -
7 Apr 2025
B: Professional Conduct and
D: Trade Marks Practice
Trade Marks Practice [LAWS90035] 7 Apr 2020 -
7 Apr 2025
C: Trade Marks Law Trade Marks and Unfair Competition [LAWS70046] 7 Apr 2020 -
7 Apr 2025